Fundraising Events 

Yoga, wellness events, talks and unique ways of raising funds for native tree planting all over the world.

Mobile App

An app that enables you to save the planet on the go. Launching in 2022.

Raising Awareness

News and education for all ages. Stay up to date with what is happening globally to save Mother Earth.

What We Do

We work with people and companies around the world to enable you to affect real change where it is needed most. 


Repairing, replenishing and rewilding ecosystems to help reverse the climate crisis.

Together we can heal our planet.

How Does It Work?

Until our app is launched we are holding different types of events to raise awareness and money to plant native trees around the world with our trusted planting partners.


Read about that up coming events by clicking on the below button. Or go straight to Plant Trees With Us and donate to the project of the month.

tree up view.jpg

See where we have planted trees so far...

Our last two yoga events have enabled us to plant over 3,844 trees across the world where they were most needed. See the map below to learn which native trees were planted and how much carbon they are helping to remove from the atmosphere. 


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