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For too long mankind has taken from the Earth, creating a vastly out of balance system. Through re:earth people will be able to give back what has been taken, to rebalance our ecosystems and create new ways of transacting with the Mother Earth.


In 2020, 11,000 scientists declared "unequivocally" that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency. They warned "it is more severe than anticipated, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity." But – crucially – they also stated that "it is not too late". We have found that a lot of people want to do something/anything/everything to help the fight against climate change, but they don’t know where to start.


You could recycle everything you have ever come into contact with, take your canvas bag to the supermarket, consume less, cut out beef and dairy from your diet, switch your energy supplier, take short showers and walk everywhere – living the most sustainable life you that you have access to and yet you could still have no dent on the plastic pollution issue or carbon dioxide levels. We get it, we live that life too. We want and need to do more to fight climate change, so at re:earth we are building a solution to enable you to do just that. Our mobile app, due to launch next year will enable you to effect change where it is most needed from wherever you are in the world. Imagine a world where you can partner with a village on the frontline of the ocean plastic fight in Indonesia or a community protecting the Amazon from deforestation in Brazil. Donating money, power, time or knowledge to the places and people that are on the ground will help make a shift to tackle the bigger issue at the source.

Environment Activists Protest
Yes, we need policy change and governments to step in and make the top polluting companies accountable. But they are slow to act and the process takes time. Our power is in community and collective action. We have so many ways to affect real, tangible, traceable change and this is not a challenge we can overcome as individuals, we need each other, all fighting and moving in the same unified direction to stop the destruction and pillaging of our planet.


By building a global community, pooling our funds to donate, champion and get involved with the people on the frontline whilst changing our daily habits together we have the power to heal the plant - do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


Until the app is launched, we are connecting through events to raise funds for tree planting in the worst affected areas. Starting with yoga and meditation events, our collective movement and mindfulness will help raise money, of which 100% of profits go to these initiatives. We are a non-profit, we are not in this for shareholder gain, revenue growth or return on investment – we are here simply to give back to Mother Earth and restore what has for too long been taken.


There is a growing global desire for action, a desire for conscious choices, lifestyles changes and ways of co-existing.  The 2018  Word of The Year was ‘Single Use Plastic’, 2019 it was Climate Emergency, and 2020 seeing global protests on climate injustice (as well as the unprecedented pandemic) the awareness is finally reaching the masses, governments and companies alike are starting to take notice and take action. By 2030, we’ll need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half, not so much a tall order as a towering one, given that emissions are still rising year on year therefore every action large or small counts.


We are aware that tree planting is not the silver bullet, but this is a starting place. Planting native trees allows us to remove contaminants from the air, provide communities with jobs and store carbon. As re:earth grows we will be proving you tools for conservation, ocean and water solutions as well as petland restoration and ways to save the soil all via our app (launching late 2021).


We all know that the world’s resources are being seized faster than the natural world can replenish them, this is our call to action, our call to arms. We have 10 years to save the planet. Every action counts.


If you’re reading this, chances are you care about saving our planet and we are grateful that you are here with us.


At re:earth we believe, in line with the UN, David Attenborough and many others, that we have ten years to save our planet and the healing starts now. Every action counts.


re:earth is a non-profit focused on enabling people to repair, replenish and rewild the Earth together to help stabilise the climate crisis.


We bring our community together to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and create action where it is most needed.



Our Mission

We have a moral responsibility to do as much as we can, from wherever we are in the world. It is our mission to help shift the balance out of ecological bankruptcy and enable people to affect real change from wherever they are in the world.


Whether it’s protecting precious habits through conservation, making positive economic change through our lifestyles or reducing carbon in the atmosphere through planting trees, our mission is to enable the power of the people to take action. No boarders, no politics.


We strive to inspire and connect our community into tangible actions that can have a lasting impact on replenishing the Earth’s resources for the benefit of all to come.


It’s not trees for the sake of trees, it’s not planting something to make you feel better. It’s about restoring natural habitats from forests to peatlands, oceans to rivers. We are here to give back what has been taken.


We aim to move past geographical boundaries and enable people to effect change where it is needed most in the world. Mobilising our collective consciousness and converting this into funds and action on the ground.


Our mission is to guide people through daily life choices, and break down the fear, confusion, frustration and apathy surrounding the climate crisis. Together as individuals, companies and communities we have the solutions and intent for change. Re:earth is the platform for this action.

Our Vision

“This is the time.

Wherever we are standing is the place.” Extinction Rebellion


Our vision for re:earth is one global tribe dedicated to replenishing our planet.


Humanity has been living as though we are separate from the Earth, as those we are superior to nature. We have built a superficial world, seeing only from a separate point of view, placing a self-imposed importance on our species alone. We have forgotten that we are nature, that what forms us, forms the world around us. For too long no one has been asking - does what we create justify what we destroy? Forgetting that what poisons the Earth in turn poisons us.


We created re:earth as we cannot standby and do nothing. We believe in the collective goodwill of humanity to save the planet and it is our vision to return our connection to the Earth, to see once again the wonder and magic that we are a part of, living alongside and in balance with the natural world.

Nicola Peters, Founder of re:earth
Our Founder

re:earth founder Nicola Peters, is a yoga and meditation teacher, business sustainability advocate and entrepreneur. Nicola has long been inspired by the Earthrise image and the ‘overview effect’, the awe we experience when we truly witness the magic of our planet and all of nature. This coupled with reading Drawdown, a solution based book by Paul Hawken and Amanda Ravenhill, set re:earth in motion in early 2019.


“There are solutions out there and ways to combat the situation we find ourselves in. I wanted to create re:earth to enable people to make the changes they need to their lifestyle, connect them with organisation and give them opportunities to fund projects where they are able to see the change they have enabled.


We want to illustrate ways we can overcome the fear, shame, confusion and information surrounding the climate crisis, so that we can take action as individuals, neighbourhoods, towns, cities, states, provinces and importantly as the stewards of the Earth.


We are Earthlings, every one of us shares this planet we call home. I want to live in a world where there is no ‘us’ or ‘them’, just we, together. Here. Now. All doing our part to save our home.  “The Earth is what we all have in common” re:earth is here to give back to our planet.” 

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