Our Next Event

Spring Yoga and Sound Healing Class

Available 11th - 31st April



This Class Plants Trees

A 60 min class from the wonderful Anabelle who has recorded a beautiful 45 min flow which is then followed by a blissful 15 min crystal bowls session from Kasia. The class is £5 and yours to practice as many times as you would like over April.


We will plant your 3 trees in Shebedino, the region of Sidamo via TreeApp and Green Ethiopia. Their planting sites are run by local women planting lemon, mango and coffee trees for farming and the fight against desertification. The Great Green Wall initiative is an extraordinary collaborative effort on an unprecedented scale. It transcends geographical, political and cultural divides by uniting people across borders. Read more about this initiative on our blog.

Past Events

Our launch event took place between 19th December - 22nd December to mark the closing of 2020 and the Winter Solstice - a year that has been full of challenges for everyone. 108 sun salutation taught by 9 incredible yoga teachers. Together each sun salutation we flowed through raised money to plant a native tree where it is needed most. We planted 305 trees from this event and a huge thank you to all of the incredible people that took part and help to replenishing the Earth. See the images below for details.