Book of the week: We Are The Weather

We will be sharing with you our reading list over the coming weeks and months - there are many important books and podcasts covering the climate crisis so we had better get started….

As it is January and more people than ever before are trying out veganuary (🥳yeay) we thought we would start with an excellent book called We Are The Weather, Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer.

In the book Jonathan covers the destruction of our planet, teaching about the importance of trees and the terrible rate of their deforestation “In a single year loggers districted an area 5 x as big as London in the Amazon - an ecosystem that takes 4,000 years to regenerate.”

But importantly the book gives us a workable approach that we can bring into our daily lives to help tackle this gigantic issue - one plate at a time. “The average US and UK citizen must consume 90% less beef and 60% less dairy - how can anyone keep track of that? No animal products for breakfast or lunch. It might not work out to precisely the right figure, but it’s just about right and easy to remember.”

If veganuary seems too daunting for you, if being vegan isn’t your thing, then this could be your way to contribute.

Rethink how you eat and what you consume. You don’t have to be vegan, but you don’t have to care - remember every action counts.

📸: first image @macmillanreads, others from @wearetheweather