Great Green Wall Projects

Throughout March and April we will be planting trees for the Great Green Wall initiative happening across Africa. We are donating to two projects in Ethiopia and one in Burkin Faso:

1 - Loka Bedelcha Kebele in Southern Ethiopia, and the Amhara region in the North via @onetreeplanted. Both are areas where environmental degradation is threatening livelihoods and biodiversity.

2- Shebedino, the region of Sidamo via @treeapp_uk and Green Ethiopia. Their planting sites are run by local women planting lemon, mango and coffee trees for farming and the fight against desertification.

3 - “Plant for the Planet” project in Dassa, Burkina Faso via @treenation_org in order to reduce desertification.

All of the donations from our partners yoga classes will go towards these projects as well as money raised from our end of March re:earth yoga class to mark Springs arrival (stay tuned for more information on this).

We wanted to share these beautiful forests pictured here surrounding Ethiopia’s churches to get you inspired, these small wooded areas are important islands of biodiversity. The Ethiopian government has pledged to restore 15 million hectares of degraded and deforested land by 2030, and your efforts can contribute to this goal.