International Forest Day

Celebrating International Forest Day with this stunning digital forest installation by Jennifer Steinkamp 💚.

This beautiful piece of art is called Blind Eye 1, 2018.

Jennifer Steinkamp has referred to her animations of trees - including this one, in which we see a Birch grove move through the seasons - as “sculptures in the computer” 💓🌲.

The title of this work is a play on words. It relates both to the scars known as ‘eyes’ that are left on Birch trees after they lose their branches, an to the fact that - as Jennifer puts it, “there are so many things we that turn a blind eye to these days”, the climate crisis being one of them.

This 21st March, whether you are able to walk among the trees or simple sit for a moment with this virtual forest we hope you find a way to connect back to nature and celebrate the wonder of forests.

If you feel like planting a tree today to help regrow the forests along the Great Green Wall in Africa, click here to plant with us.