Root Atlas

Root atlas (Wurzelatlas) reveals the hidden world of plants.

The detailed drawings depict 50 years of root system excavations by Austrian botanist Lore Kutschera and other researchers at the Plant Sociological Institute in Austria.

A collection of over 1,000 images create the collaborative projected called “root atlas”. The images are online thanks to Wageningen University & Research, a Dutch university known for its agricultural programs. Here are some of our favourites.

They show the surprising extent of the roots of plants, these root systems allow plants to gather the water and minerals they use to grow. As the root system grows, it creates more and more pathways that allow water to get into the deep subsoil, and fostering the growth of microbes that benefit other life. Strong root systems can prevent erosion, protecting the land on which they grow. And the structures allow the soil to capture carbon.

Reminding us to stay grounded, connected and rooted to Mother Earth.

“We are one at the root - we just part at the branch” Rasheed Ogunlaru.