The Blue Carbon Tattoo


Thank you to everyone that helped us replenished the oceans by getting tattooed with @trikona.tattoos! We raised enough money to rewild 1280 sqft - that’s approximately half a tennis court 💙 and we couldn’t be more excited to give back to Mother Earth in such a fun way.

Huge thank you to Suzie for giving up her time and donating all of the funds to rewilding kelp forests with us, and a biggggg hug and thank you to everyone that believed in replenishing Mother Earth’s oceans so much that they got it tattooed on their body 🙏 we respect and honour your commitment and love.


Are you a tattoo artists or know a tattoo artist that would be interested in getting involved with the Blue Carbon Tattoo initiative? If so email us and let's keep replenishing nature together.