Timber Festival

Timber Festival is created by the National Forest Company and award-winning festival producers Wild Rumpus, it takes place this summer (yes you did read that correctly 2-4th July 2021) in the National Forest 🌲🌲🌲.

We aren’t affiliated with Timber festival (but we would like to be, Hi Timber Festival 👋), but wanted to share with you this exciting find. Whether you are up for a festival this summer or not they are a new fav of ours for their incredible Sound of The Forest map. You can add your own recordings of forests near you or simply listen to the audio from around the world. It’s magical and a welcome addition into the living room on these rainy days.

And if that isn’t enough, they have an incredible podcast series called Wilderness Tracks. Presented by BBC Radio 4’s Geoff Bird, writers, artists, scientists and thinkers talk with Geoff about six pieces of music that somehow connect them to nature. It’s beautiful listening!!! Add it to your weekend plans, you won’t be disappointed.

Those two gems alone make them our new favs, but when you check out the program line up for the festival they go into next level new loves!! Music, art, talks, so many incredible workshops, spoken word, poetry and story reading stages, good food, tree climbing, yoga and gong bath and more. I know I’m fan-girling and it’s getting embarrassing haha, but when you find a group of people/company that you believe are awesome then I think you should hold them up and share them. Congratulations Timber team for what you have created, I am enchanted.

So if you love trees like we do may be we will see you there this summer ✌️🌳.