Trees by Henri Matisse

The above image is a serigraph* that Matisse made called Le Platane (The plane tree). Matisse explained to a friend in 1943 that “the intended space between leaves are as important as the leaves themselves” 😍.

This Platane drawn by Matisse is a draft design for a ceramic intended for the villa of his friend and editor Tériade. It was produced in Matisse’s final years at a time when ill health had forced him to give up traditional painting, in favour of producing decoupage, ‘cut-outs’ and screen prints. I was lucky enough to get this book for the Christmas just gone, and its gorgeous, if you are a Matisse fan it’s worth getting.

The last image below is slightly different as it is of a painting (not silk print) made in 1951. All equally stunning we think you will agree.

Inspired by Matisse, this weekend we challenge you to get out and sketch some trees 😍🌲

*Serigraphy is an art form based on the printing method of silk screening 😉